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Is your product idea remaining just an idea? Are your business improvement plans not taking off because you canít get the software implemented in your budget? If yes, offshore outsourcing is your answer!

Do the thing that you do the best and outsource the rest from Kendra. Kendra can help you unlock the value.

Kendra Business Technologies is a software development company based in Bangalore, the Information Technology capital of India. Kendra is focused on serving global clients by helping them realize the true potential of offshore outsourcing of software development. Taking advantage of the low cost structure and by judiciously tapping into the large pool of technically qualified and globally acceptable software professionals available in India, Kendra has earned for itself a recognition of being a preferred provider of software development outsourcing services to businesses world over. Kendraís unique participatory methodology of Joint Application Development (JAD) enables it to deliver quality software within a fixed-time and at a fixed-price in most of its engagements.

In addition to outsourcing services, Kendra is also engaged in development of software products. Important products currently are e-Marketplace ResumeFox, FieldForceCRM and TrackJack.

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